Gordon Bramham MPSA2 

Congratulations to Gordon for achieving his MPSA2 (Master Photographic Society of America Level 2) in PSA of America for 2,250 acceptances in international competitions.
Awarded Diamond Level 3 for 2,313 acceptances in International Competitions.
Bear Brawl 2288
Honorable Mention Bangladesh

Mountain Lion 2582
Honorable Mention U.S.A.
 Siberian Lynx 3724
Certificate of Merit India
Bear Brawl 2265
Certificate of Merit India
Bear Brawl 2266
FIAP Gold Medal & GPU (Global Photographic Union) Honorable Mention.
Pelicans Feeding
Gold medal
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  1. Andy Brett November 4, 2019 at 7:21 pm #

    Congratulations Gordon…an international superstar living in our midst