Colour Print of the Year. Baby snatcher by Dave Wilcox.

Chimney Charlie by Chris Pugh. Monochrome Print of the Year

Serenity by Chris Ward. PDI of the Year


The Club is run by its members.

Members may enter our monthly club competitions for which trophies are awarded at the end of the year. They may also contribute to the programme, showing work as well as participating in our weekly meetings.

The Club charges an annual subscription together with a small weekly amount payable each time you attend. 

The annual membership lasts from October to September.  You may join at any time during the year and the subscription will be reduced (pro-rata) quarterly.







Full   |   £44

Retired   |   £39

Joint Full membership   |   £75

Joint Retired membership   |   £65

Please note that all membership charges include full membership to The Cranham Community Association 


Full   |   £2.50
Visitors   |   £3.00

*Concessions are available for students