The results of the November monthly digital competition are:

1st Place -Where’s Dinner by David Rash
2nd Place – Thinking of You by Alan Layton
3rd Place – Sunset on Winchelsea Beach by Paul Vine
HC – Andean Condor by David Rash
HC – Harris Hawk on TAke off by Brian Clark
HC – The Gaze by Alan Layton
HC – The Yawn by Alan Layton

1st Place -White Wagtail by David Lund
2nd Place – Tawny Owl by Mick Ladner
3rd Place – Who is Coming Next by Richard Saville
HC – Smaill White Butterfly by Gella Ladner

1st Place -Longtailed Tit on Willow by Reg Mellis
2nd Place – Fieldfare with Berry by Reg Mellis
3rd Place – Emperor Moth Caterpillar by Reg Mellis
HC – Holy Cow by Dave Wilcox