1st Place – Romance in Suzhou by Alf Ellis
2nd Place – Evening at the Pier by Colin Smith
3rd Place – In The Gardens of Chateau de Chenonceau by Len Adshead
HC – Bluebay playa del carmen mexico by Mick Brendish
HC – Regents Canal by Colin Smith

1st Place – O’What lovely Eyes by Brian Clark
2nd Place – Three Harvest Mice by Brian Clark
3rd Place – Insomnia by Colin Fletcher
HC – A Spritual light over vicars close Eyes by Eric Morley
HC – Waiting by the tideway close Eyes by Eric Morley
HC – Kristi by Andy Taylor
HC – Caught Napping by Maureen Foulds

1st Place – Alcedo Atthis by Steve Pintp
2nd Place – Taj Boatman by Perry Lamba
3rd Place – Streptopelia Turtur by Steve Pinto
HC – Planning Ahead by Dave Wilcox
HC – Miss Selfridge by Dave Wilcox
HC – Split Waterfront by Sarah Brigden
HC – Expecting by Jeff Oliver
HC – The Vacant Chair by Eric Bush