1st Place – Graffiti Painter by Mick Brendish
2nd Place – Fox by John Snowden
3rd Place – Balancing Act by John Snowden
H/C – Abandoned on a Beach by Alf Ellis
H/C – Blurred Sunset by Dennis Goodman
H/C – Squirrel Monky by John Snowden
H/C – Out for a Walk by John Snowden
H/C – Cromer Framed by Mick Brendish

1st Place – Strike by Brian Clark
2nd Place – The Rower the Rider and the River by Paul Vine
3rd Place – Striated Heron on a Giant Water Lilly Pad by David Lund
H/C – Black Jelly Fish by David Lund
H/C – Branded Demoiselle by Brian Clark
H/C – Bucker Jungmeister by David Lund
H/C – A Germa in London by Sue Storer
H/C – Ringed Kingfisher by David Lund
H/C – Above the Waves by Paul Vine

1st Place – Kingfisher Catching Fish by Reg Mellis
2nd Place – Sunrise at Southwold Pier by Eric Bush
3rd Place – Thundercats World Championships 2013 by Mick Ladner
H/C – The Bearded One by Pradeep (Perry) Lamba
H/C – The Village Quenn by Pradeep (Perry) Lamba
H/C – Nightingale in Song by Reg Mellis
H/C – Surfing in Devon by Annie Moring