Monthly Print

The Turkey has all been eaten, your selection box is empty, the Brussels are a distant memory (well almost). No more Morecombe & Wise for another year, and you have forgiven Santa for not bringing you that new bit of camera gear that you wanted. Christmas is over, it is offical as Cadbury Cream Eggs are on sale again.
What better way to get rid of the post Christmas blues than to get back to the Camera Club for an evening of prints.
To enjoy pictures of a Capabillity Brown Landscapes, Autumn scenes at Westonbirt, of people enjoying a walk, dawn breaking on boats of various sizes. 
The usual excellent pictures of varities of wildlife, and not to forget a few stunning macro shots.
Evidently some of us have got a bit of problems with our water works, as long as we keep taking the tablets we should be o/k.
There was a case of OCD with someone counting how many trees were in a picture. Of course when someone puts a number in a title, someone, me, who has to count them to check the total. 
My favourite picture of the evening was Tokyo on a Very Bad Day. It was good to see that other countries have as bad a weather as we do. 
With no snow so far this winter to get our photographic juices flowing, hopefully Tuesday night will encourage us to get going again.


It’s Offical Christmas is Over