I always enjoy the Safari and Outings evenings as it is interesting to see other peoples “take” on a place or event. Like The Rochester Dickens Festival, with two pictures of Miss Haversham, I was assured the portrait of Miss Haversham was not a selfie of the author taken first thing in the morning.
Having never visited Blea Tarn I now feel that I know it like the back of my hand, from every angle and every time of day.
Congratulations to Colin, Dave and Lin for their winning images, however,after Tuesday next time when I’m  looking at our trophies and the names on the plinths I will wonder how many of the names of our Chairman should be that of our Treasurer, “Sorry Lin but your picture came a close second to my winner”
 Probably the winning colour print would have been of Blea Tarn if Colin’s car had made it up Wrynose Pass.
I think that titles are important as they tell people about the picture where they are taken like Blea Tarn for example, although probably Maldon was a bit boring as we have all been there a few times and know it quite well. Still I like to keep keep it basic, so there is no confusion. I was going to enter Mastermind, specialised subject “stating the bleedin’ obvious”
As with all our competitions the quality of the judge can make or break the evening, we were blessed once again with our old friend Bernard Turnball. He can make a witty comment about an image without upsetting or offending the author. Always finding something positive to say and taking his time to help with suggestions on how a picture could be improved if he thinks it is failing in a particular area, for instance shooting an errant Seagull to help balance a scene, although he did seem a bit obessed about including scantily clothed  ladies in some scenes.
I like the way he sums up an image “under his breath” before commenting on them, my favourite on Tuesday was, on seeing a picture of finely tuned athletes, riding in the most famous bike race in the world. “people on bikes” 
I believe that he is retiring this year, I’m sure we wish him well and thank him for sharing his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge over the years.
Last, but not least thanks to the organisers of the outings for finding interesting and varied locations and events for us to photograph.
Where to next? Andy it’s over to you.