January 20th 2015

I still miss the good old days of slides or the more technical term of transparencies. With Dennis on the projector, giving us a good old groan with his puns of the images. and all ways getting his own work sharply focused and the rest? well almost, with the judge saying a pity this is not quite sharp.
The only way you could alter the image was either a piece of tin foil to crop it, or vaseline to give it a blurred affect, this always confused poor old Dennis as he had trouble trying to focus it. 
Still we cannot stand in the way of progress, the only thing that does not change is the subject matter. Tuesday was no different, with images of London at night showing how photogenic it is at night, probably only second to New York, but easier and cheaper to get to. 
We also got our usual share of Natural History shots with birds of all descriptions and habitat. 
I have tried to take photos of our garden birds. I have paid out for peanuts for our Blue and Great Tits, Niger seed for Goldfinches, Mealworms for the Robins and fat balls for Starlings & Jays and have been rewarded by their visits. However, I have spent a small fortune on Sand Eels but not one Puffin.
We also got some arty shots, like The Look, although the man could have visited the barber before shoot’ and the very moody Lady of The Night, oops, sorry Girl in The Light.
Thanks to team Oliver, for their insightful comments, Jeff, I think the Hippo must have been an old male, as you get older you find that hair starts to grow out of places that it did’t when you were younger.
Sarah, it was not big or clever to pause too long when commenting, as Alan was just about to press enter tro record his score when you started talk again. He developed a bit of a twitch after that.
After last weeks Blog, Andy has been busy getting things in place for this years outings, looking forward to some great photo opportunities.
Don’t forget your camera