I guess that it rates alongside all the great rivalries, The ould firm rivalry between Glasgow Rangers & Celtic, Liverpool versus Everton, Ali v Frazier. Kasparov and Fischer. The makers of Twix !!!??.
It certainly creates the same tension and electric atmosphere, with respective supports kept apart. It was noticed that one or two members were fraternizing with the enemy. these appeared to be new members who probably did not realise who they were talking to.
In hindsight we should have taken the judges offer of a draw before the competition got under way. However, we were confident having home advantage. 
There was a good variety of prints from both sides. We got off to a good start and went into an early lead, by half-time it looked even, until it was realised that they had three held back to our two, still it is a game of two halves, two horse race and all that.
I don’t like to cast aspersions but it was noticed that the judge was in deep conversation with one of the Brentwood Crew at the break and that there was a lot of Major Charles Ingram type of coughing in the second half.
I did try to do my bit to help and claim a Brentwood print as one of ours, before I was shown a yellow card.  
At the end of the evening it eas a fair result, though we were sick as Parrots, there is always next time etc.
Our thanks to judge for making it an entertaining evening, giving the prints a precise critique and trying to create an exciting climax to the evening by keeping a few prints back, oh well nice try.
Interesting that he kept prints of every subject back, not sure about the two prints that looked like pencil drawings. The one of Stonehenge, the portrait looked more like a Viking rather than someone from that era. Maybe, it was a Saxon from the time of Robin Hood, I was never allowed to watch it as my mum said there was too much Saxon Violence on T.V.
Congratulations to Brentwwod for a set of excellent prints,and were deserved winners.
Thanks to Colin for selecting the prints, perhaps our loss was a reflection on the low numbers of prints we get for our monthly competitions.

Two Horse Race, Our Old Nag