We are blessed with having a talented group of photographers with a wide diversity of specialisations. That is why our member’s evenings are always so good plus the fact that they all have good communication skills.   
That is why Tuesday night was again, a top evening.
Jeff took us from his humble beginnings as Wedding Photographer. When he said on his first wedding that he decided to charge as he went along I thought what a good idea, knowing how expensive weddings could be, the bride and groom could say that’s it, no pictures we have reached our maximum budget. Then I realised he was talking about his batteries. Then he went on to say he had photographed four weddings for a family, I heard Sylvia say “Oh Four Weddings and a funeral”, What a good idea, you could be like the NHS, from the cradle to the grave photographic services. Funny how your rarely see anyone taking pictures at a funeral, you could get the corpse to give a wave as the curtains close.
Wedding photography has certainly come along way since I got married, well it was nearly 40yrs ago. There was always the standard shots, from the Bride with her Father, bridesmaids with the bride, the bride & groom, the in-laws etc. right through to the group photo. Now when we look at our group photo, we go, he’s dead, she’s gone, they are no longer with us, what ever happened to them, didn’t realise he was gay.
They say Behind every great man is a great woman, Sarah is certainly behind Jeff, you could actually see her in a couple of pictures. 
They work as team Sarah’s Bonnie Parker to Jeff’s Clyde Barrow shooting their way through a couple’s big day. Oh dear.
I was disappointed that there was no Big Fat Gypsy Wedding photos, I would have thought that with all those Irish weddings, (funny that they were all called Murphy) you would have got a contact.
I’m looking forward to seeing your first underwater wedding Jeff and the first free fall, you should not have trouble floating the veil, but would like to see how you position your lights for that one. 


They don’t do weddings like this anymore. Thankfully