First of all welcome to our two new members, we all look forward to sharing your photographic journey with us.
Well done to Howard for his impersonation of Lin, including the banter, that suit was made to measure, o/k, the tailor might have got his centimeters and inches confused. but we wore our sleeves on the short side that summer.
Thanks to Dick for his comments on all the prints, without hesitation, deviation or repetition or waffle. You would have been proud Sylvia. In fact at one point the scorers were so enthralled with his comments on one print that they forgot to vote on the one in front of them, although I did hear some gentle snoring from their direction.
I must apologise for the cheesy smell coming from my table, as we did not have the key pads this week so I had to take my shoes and socks to count the scores.
As usual we were presented with great images from all classes. Over the years we have seen various objects dropped in water,(other liquids are available). From Oxo cubes, (other stock cubes are available), to Strawberries, other berried fruits are available. It is the first time that I have seen a pair of  false teeth pictured dropped in water, without Steradent, other denture, o/k I’ll shut up.
That was the last of the monthly competitions for this year, time to start thinking about the six mono prints and six colour prints you want to enter for the annual competitions.


Drowning Dentures