It is always a good idea to deal with the most important business of the evening straight away, this week it was who was going to make the tea for the next two weeks while Alf was away on holiday. Personally I think he is a bit of a light weight, for the three years that Jim and myself made the tea we did not have a holiday. We could live with that, but the most hurtful thing was that unlike our predecessors in the job, we did not get a bouquet of flowers when we retired. The job did have it’s perks, if we timed it right  and the teas and coffees were laid out before the break, we got the pick of the biscuits, also if  you gave the speaker/judge plenty of biscuits we got the ones he/she left,however, Bernie soon sussed this however, and we lost out.
Again the images were all of a good quality. the wildlife ones provoked the usual debate 
as to whether they were in the wild or captivity, well the big cat did not all that happy to me and looked pretty angry.
The image of the house on top of the cliff provoked plenty of comments. Jim said he did not fancy being the postman on that round, I would not want to be the milkman, you walk up the hill because your float wont make it, only to find a note saying no milk to-day thank you.  
Thanks to Howard & John for their precise comments and summing up of the images, but more importantly tips on how to improve them.
I like they way John asks the question would such and such improve the image, although this week he surprised himself by not only asking but answering the question on one of the images. Well done to Andy when scoring the advanced class, after a couple of false starts he soon worked out when John had finished commenting, as he does like to hesitate before making his final comment.
Looking forward to next week when the grass will look the look the right colour what ever tone of grey it is, even if the judge query it you can always say it’s an infra red image.

Not like the real thing