An evening that I thought was going to start as The Good Old Days, with the judge taking to the stage with his impression of Leonard Sachs with his mutton chop sideburns and mustache, threatening do a song and dance act, to telling jokes, when the Underneath The Arches print was put up, I thought he was going to grab hold of Andy and do a Flanagan and Allen routine. With mainly ourselves singing Down At The Old Bull and Bush at the end. Apologies to anyone under fifty, The Good Old days was a television show that created the old time musicals.
However, the evening turned out to be like the radio 4 show Just A Minute with the the judge talking about the prints without hesitation, repetition or deviation, well only to tell one of his “jokes”
The prints were mainly those seen in the last year in various competitions, it is always interesting to see images that have done well when judged by the club to only crash and burn when marked by an outside judge and vice versa.
Two people only entered one print, I was not impressed, especially as one of them won and the other person got a highly commended. You know who you are, next time please consider the rest of us who have to work hard to produce enough images to give ourselves a fighting chance of success.
I have to apologise to Dave for my writing, as he was having trouble reading the titles on the stickers. He assures me that he is not dyslexic. I do write them in block capitals, as my “real writing” is impossible to decipher. However, I mainly blame the authors of the prints, as I have mentioned before I like to keep my titles simple normally down to one or two words. This makes it easier and quicker to write the stickers at the end of the evening, when you are faced with titles that have got ten or more words in the title it takes time and remember we have to be out at ten o’ clock.
The next couple of weeks we have colour prints, I might have a word with the judge to only reward the prints with titles of one or two words ( I might stand a chance of winning).

Title – Railway Station