ACT TWO SCENE ONE (and a bit)  

It was once more unto the breach dear friends, and decorate the walls with our prints. There was the Romeo and Juliette again, what light through the print does break, it is contre jour.
However, like all serious actors, he hankered after being a comic actor, and so it was towards the end of the judging, perhaps he was worn out after commenting on all those prints that he tried to try a little pantomime, it was the Gorilla that started it, not sure if he thought it was going to attack him as it tried to escape from it’s mount. Whatever it was as he came to the front of the stage as we shouted “Look out behind you”, as he turned round the Gorilla put it’s head back into the mount. 
After an evening of intense marking and sorting of held back prints he made his final decision, admitting that he had changed his mind several times on the positions of the final three. Perhaps in future if the judge has similar problems we could have a kind of musical prints to help them decide, we shuffle the prints around while music is playing, then when it stops whatever order they are in will their final placings. I would like to be in charge of the music.
Many thanks to Dennis for helping Andy move the prints from one side of the stage to the other saving on his shoe leather and my thanks to Lin for saving me from writers cramp writing all those Highly Commended tickets. 
The quality of prints from all three classes was magnificent and there is no reason why we should not do well in outside competitions.

Look out behind you !!!!!