It was back to the one and nines this week for myself and Andy we thought it wold be good for us to mix with the hoi polloi. After spending the last couple of weeks at the top table.
Anyway back to the evening, no theatricals this week from the judge, although after the last two weeks of seeing the judge it seemed a bit surreal hearing the judge’s voice as if from on high.
There was however, a touch of the Max Bygraves with I want `you` to tell me a story, then admitting he was a bit lazy which reminded me of a contact on Flickr who is retired and wrote on his profile that he was “paid to be lazy”. 
However, the most confusing comment was I want to see the author in the picture, not sure about the Pantanal Tiger, was the photographer wearing a Onesie? our had they decided to set the camera on timer, give the Tiger a cuddle and ended up in it’s stomach. Or the girl on the platform, I did not recognise her as one of our members. 
My Aunt, however, always managed to get part of herself in her pictures, sometimes her feet but more often her thumb, whereas her subject often got their head cut off, or if a group of us then the one at the end lost half of their body,so we would change places after the first picture and make her take another, so when the prints came back we would have to cut and cellotape them to get a complete group. If only she waited for Photoshop before she took up photography.
Funny how judges like different things photographically last weeks judge was not keen on “Mind The Gap”. Yet this week’s judge liked a similar image. Just goes to show that if you like an image, you should stick with it and keep persevering, until you find an judge with impeccable taste and gives you maximum marks.
It is the same with heavily photo- shopped images you either like them or hate them, personally I’m not sure.

It Runs in The Family (Forgive The Pun)