My evening got off to a good start, the celebration of our friends retirement, was cancelled due to him being unwell. I arrive at the club, good evening John to John Perry from Lin, then to me “What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here? Me “I’m fine thank you Lin.How are you?” Please Lin when you stand down from being Treasurer, keep collecting the weekly subs, as they are worth that money alone to be `welcomed` by you, I don’t think anyone should consider themselves to be a proper member of Upminster Camera Club until they have have received a proper welcome from Lin.
Onto the evening itself, back to the stage and a double act. The last time we had one of those was when the Judge brought along his “Trainee”, well that’s what he told his wife. 
Firstly I thought they were a Hypnotist act, as I saw several members eyes glaze over after the first few minutes, then I remembered that the clocks had gone forward at the week-end and people were still recovering from that.
Then when Pat took off her fleece I thought it was the Stripper/Pole Dancer, judge that I asked for the other week. 
Finally all was revealed, they were magicians performing their own version of “Find The Lady” or move the pictures in the panel, then remember where they were originally. I’m glad that only one panel went up at a time, as we could have Gorillas at the top of the Spinnaker, King Kong like,  with the girl from The Venice Carnival.
Poor Melvin, he does not get out much, the thought of flying down to Barcelona appealed to him, it reminded me off the song sung by Mike Nesmith.
It’s only a whimsical notion to fly down to Rio to-night,
I probably won’t  fly to Rio,
 but there again I just might.
Len might sing.
I probably will fly to Barcelona, but give me few weeks notice.
When he said that when members of their club, came back from Iceland he said they were expecting………. I thought he was going to say frozen Lasagne.

However,  I did take note of the comments on both my panels, and will definitely change them, having an extra print did not help with the Gorillas, so I will change them and have four lustre and five glossy next time, I have taken on board what they said about Spring Flowers, and will change the big yellow one.

Well done to John and Eric for putting up the panels with their slide rule perfection and of course to Sylvia for reading out the titles and our excuses for submitting them. Oh and by the way Sylvia. Cambridge Punts is not cockney rhyming slang.

Must Have Gone To Iceland