It was not our present chairman’s choice, indeed it was not even our chairman that did the judging. Perhaps it should be re- titled our past chairman’s choice judged by our vice chairman. 
It was my turn to get on the stage this week, not as the star. My job was to act as the stooge. That did not bother me as much as not being given a pair of white gloves to handle the prints.
Sadly there were only eight prints to be judged, which was promising for those who fancied an early night, and disappointing for the rest that the judge could not fill the whole evening talking about them. Poor show all round, considering he could have told us were to get the colour dye for the water drops, who did the best deals and if you could use your club card points or Nectar Card. The best type of water, bottled or tap, hot or cold. The list is endless, however, the evening might have felt like it was as well.
However, we are now all experts on drops and drips. We know that an `X` is an unknown factor and a `spurt` is a drip under pressure. 
The judge showed us why he is the chairman in charge of vice, by breaking the record of looking at a print before commenting when `appraising` the flasher outside the church, no Andy it was not camera shake but vice chairman excitement shake.  

I think I have got some work to do.