Or better known as the annual inspection of the ceiling and floor for defects. This year it was not so thoroughly carried out as the committee continued with the same people in place, a fight nearly broke out amongst the members as to who was going to propose and second the motion, before any of the committee changed their minds. Though Colin tried to end it all when someone questioned the standard of prints used for the Brentwood Battle. Thanks to Dave? Dean? Dom.? (sorry Brian, the man said he will sort out the engraving for me) for volunteering to make the tea next year.
Another other business proved interesting, discussion turned to fall in numbers, the age of members was discussed and I thought George was going to suggest a new category of membership. “Old Wrinklie and Carer”. 
One suggestion of T.shirts was raised. Colin thought “Keep Calm and Keep Taking Pictures” would catch on.
I thought maybe a Canon users could give one to Nikon user that said. “My Friend Got A Canon, All I Got Was This Lousy Nikon. And vice versa for Nikon Users. The rest of could have ” I Have Got An Olympus And This Lousy T.Shirt.
Next year I will be writing an end of Term report for everyone, for example. His composition is good but needs to `focus more` on getting his pictures sharp.
 Another idea to make the evening more interesting will be to introduce a talent show, element to announcing the winners of the various classes and competitions, by getting the main contenders for each class standing up and play some dramatic music, then in no particular order, it is not you, so & so. Until we have the top three standing up, playing the music for about a minute more than necessary then announcing the winner. 

Two new `young members`