Well done to all those who made the members evening a success. My special thanks to George, whom I pestered until he finally got it out and showed me. I was amazed as it went up and down in and out and side to side. I have seen pictures of them in the past, but it was the first time I have seen an shift lens in use.
We all know now how to take pictures using flash, infinity boxes and how to do it in infra red. To manipulate them in photoshop and to mount the final print.
It was also good to be able to spend time just chatting and talking photography,and a have a meaningful discussion with Peter on the new clock!?
Jeff’s enthusiasm for his subject kept his audience enthralled, so much so that we nearly did not get our tea. Our new tea-makers did realise before it was too late, however, Lin had stepped in and had got it all under control. 

Up, down, in, out or side to side