How To Judge or Not to Judge

That is the question, surely not back to Shakespeare? No it was a magic lantern show, with the lecturer wisely having the evening at home rather than travelling to the wilds of Upminster. However, the most exciting thing for me and Peter was that there was another new clock on the wall. However, we were concerned that the tea makers would not be able to see the time due to size of the face. However, our fears were unjustified as the tea arrived on time and an upgrade on the biscuits. 
However, the most important part of the evening was the lecture, there was a bit S&M, with talk about kiss, slap, kiss. We were not told it was X rated. 
Well done to Dick for getting all the digital images ready for the judge, the monochrome ones at the beginning were exceptional. Not so sure of the others though Dick, some were not up to your usual standard.
However, we now know how to judge a judge, no repetition or hesitation (back to Just a Minute)
However, now we can have play “Judge The Judge”. Giving marks for all the right things they do and deducting for all the wrong things like repeating themselves, then gives marks out of twenty or ten as in the old days, however, we should do it after the judging is finished just to confuse things.

Please no repeats.