And another new clock? we found out why the old one stopped working, Sylvia had taken the jewels out to use on the cover of the new programme. I was thrilled with mine and rushed down to the jewellers first thing Wednesday morning only to be told that the “diamond” was not real, I of course rang Sylvia to complain.  She explained that only one lucky programme had a real diamond, so I suggest that you start scratching your windows to see if you are the lucky one.

For the first time we had an innovative way of judging, with the judge commenting on his own section and pictures. I did watch carefully for any nods, winks or coughs in the direction of the markers, after all that is my  job, to cough when my prints come up. We do not want everyone joining in, and confusing them, they have enough trouble as it is deciding the best image.

I could not believe that with all the ladies in the club, they did not have a pair of scissors between them, in the end I had to use a knife to cut the stickers, even wielding a knife at the markers did not `persuade` them to give my pictures a high mark. If my position as Print Competition Secretary cannot guarantee me first place each month I might as well resign.

Is it the real thing?