With A Little Help From My Friends

Firstly, thanks to Dave for shedding light on the acquisition of the diamonds for the programme. It turns out that Sylvia spent a Bank Holiday week-end in Hatton Garden. This helps to explain why she was encouraging everyone to go on the Spanish break and take their programmes with them, on arrival she would collect them and take them to put on a fence, presumably in case any expat wanted to join a camera club.Well she mentioned something about a fence and never having to worry about paying subs again.
Well done to Dick, for rugby tackling Eric who was caught red-handed helping himself to more programmes hoping to pay for the repairs to his motor bike, then claimed to have fallen over the bag and tried to claim compensation.
The evening was entertaining and educational, it seems that age discrimination has reached photography. If you are young and pretty any embellishments can be photo-shopped out. (If I was paying £600 a day for a model I would expect her to not have any imperfections). However, once you reach a certain age do not have your picture taken, you think you may be safe in your own home and pose in your kitchen or lounge and look your best. Beware! once captured, you will be turned into a old and decrepit specimen with lines and wrinkles you did’t know you had. Don’t worry it is all in the name of art.  
I tell people that my wrinkles are laughter lines, then someone told me that nothing was that funny, so please no photos. Thank you.

No Pictures, please