I think it was incredible brave of Sylvia to agree to comment on the Preliminary and Intermediate sections, considering that there had been several arrests for the Hatton Garden job during the day and considering the age of the people arrested she was justifiably worried, and kept looking at the door expecting a raid. I noticed that the chairs had been arranged to allow a quick exit.

The subtle title issue raised it’s head again, “Dame Saxophonist” was that a play on words that it was a “dam” saxophonist because of his out of awful playing or because he was standing in front of The Notre Dame. That was too much for some people. However, the suggested title of “Saxophonist playing on the bridge with Padlocks in front of the Notre Dame with trees in the background and a bald sky” was about as subtle as a flying mallet.

It was good to see new members and newly promoted members doing well, it’s not big and it’s not clever.


Chop two Carrots, One Pepper, Sweet Potatoe and two Basil leafs, place in a saucepan ………