Another interesting and useful evening with two of the demonstration following up lectures from the last few weeks.
 In one corner we had Andy, our print title and print winner announcer, macro and splash expert, a man of many parts, and he assures me some of them still work. His set up looked like a mad professor’s laboratory, it needed a lot of twiddling of knobs and produced some interesting images but sadly no Frankenstein. 
We had T&B by the rear door, Andy B got Mike to distract the man with some technical questions while he secreted a lens about his person, I bumped into Andy as he was going out of the door, I asked if he was pleased to see me. He said “No I’ve got a telephoto lens in my pocket”. 
I noticed Sylvia put some super glue on her hands so that she did not have to give back the Bridge Camera, until Dick handed over his hard earned cash.
Mick gave us a demonstration on the use of Light Room, one valuable use was so that he and Gella could tell who’s images were who’s. So no more domestics on that front. So no more claiming award pictures are yours Mick.
I don’t know how many people Dave had in his corner, or where the piano came from, but I’m sure that the London Philharmonic Orchestra, some pop groups and Nat King Cole were there. I believe that he did show a blue film and one of those road movies. No wonder I could not get near the screen.
Ready to phase those photos Dave?