We have a new husband/wife rivalry, currently we have Jeff/Sarah although they were originally fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e rivals, we have Dick and Sylvia if only Dick would let Sylvia borrow the lens he was using I’m sure it would be a fairer rivalry, also Mick & Gella who cannot agree over who took what image, thankfully they now have Lightroom. Our newest rivals are Stephen & Mandy, thanks to Mandy’s promotion to the Advanced section. Stephen, I bet you are regretting buying Mandy that camera for her 21st birthday!?

We also have a new game, rather like some of the questions on Pointless, where you have to fill in the missing letters, to get the answer, we have to guess the title of the image, we could also have the title as an anagram, the author would get extra marks if the members can’t guess it, this could make it easier if there is a tie on points as it could save the judges from having to separate the images into order.

Well done to the judges last night, they made all the right decisions (well I would say that wouldn’t I?). Although I did notice that Gordon took a bit longer than the 6 seconds? that he advises the judges in international salons take, perhaps the old reactions are going or the glasses need changing.
John, you said at one point that you might be getting paranoid. Don’t forget just because your paranoid doesn’t  mean that their not out to get you.

It looks like I’m going to miss a good evening next week, as we are off on holiday to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It is a pity that Sylvia did not tell me forty years ago what she had planned for next week as I will have changed the date of the wedding.

Time to start voting, If this isn’t sharp, you need new glasses.