Upminster had a real treat on Tuesday when our visiting lecturer was Pauline Fowler to give her presentation “A Journey into Textural Photography”

Pauline is a prosthetic sculpture and artist who produces make-up and models for many film and tv shows.

Following a brief introduction into her interesting job “with some images of the models and dead bodies that she has produced” she launched into a seemingly non stop flow of stunning images of birds, animals and people all with her perfected style of using her own created textures as overlays and backgrounds.
Her enthusiasm and infectious laugh kept the audience captivated for the whole evening and she was only too willing to share her techniques of creating images and textures “although she did keep some secrets”

Tuesday evening was the first time that I can remember that the members were approaching me half way through the tea break asking to get started again….!
Pauline took up photography just five years ago…..! But you would never believe that by looking at her photographs.

Many Thanks again to Pauline for a very entertaining and informative evening and allowing us to use some of her pictures here.

Dave Wilcox