At last the message seems to be getting through about long titles. This month we had, The Outcast, Gibraltar and Reflections. This makes it easier to write out the stickers, my writing is bad at the best of times, so is my spelling. So, single word titles and words of one syllable make it easier for Dave to read out.
Of course there is an exception and that is Latin names, keep it simple, I know Taraxacum officinale  is only two words, but Dandelion is only one and is easier to pronounce. Also Gaelic words Buachaille Etive Mor is all well and good but “Big Hill” will do. Although the trasnslation is just as bad “The Great Heardsman of Etive”. It is easier to say though. Otherwise we will have to ban all images from Scotland and Ireland.

Some people are still not getting it. “Magnificent 50ft Wave in Cornwall”, not the worst we have had recently. (There was one about a view from a train, that had a Scottish name in it although it was not in Gaelic). “Stormy Sea” would have been sufficient, “Effing Big Wave”

Perambulating With A Canine or Dog Walking