After last weeks rant about titles it was good to see that the print titles were either one or two words long. Now I have got to learn to spell Giraffe and Mandrill.
The more serious part of the competition is the Projected Digital Images it was interesting to see that the titles did not contain full Latin names. I seem to recall a judge a few years ago deducting marks if the image did not contain the Latin names of the subject. Still he did not have to pronounce of write them down. 
Our judge made a sexist comment that did not seem to get picked up on. When he said “slow birds are easy”. This would have been o/k had he not been judging a picture of a Tiger at the time. 
He wanted to see the eyes and ears of the big cats showing their attention to the photographer. That is all well and good as long as there is a fence or a distance of several hundred metres between you and the animal.
I did not realise that Dave & Dick were Tick Tack men. At one point I thought Dave was giving one particularly poor image odds of 100 to 1 to get 16 points, and Dick signaled back he was giving 150 to 1. Then it all made sense as Dick announced that tea was ready. 
Who are you calling easy?