What a diversity of images, it only goes to show that when we put our thinking caps on what we come up with. Both during and post capture. Some people’s Photoshop skills are amazing. 
Not sure how the photographer got the flash gun under the Swan’s backside, I have heard of Swan Upping but that was ridiculous, not sure how many volts were sent up the Gorilla’s to create that image. But I have reported it to the R.S.P.C.A. They are looking into it. Not a pleasant thing to have to do.
Has Dennis got himself a new hobby? as a hairdresser Only I noticed on Tuesday that he was”doing” Sylvia’s hair as he was putting on the mike prior to her commentating on the pictures, either that or was he checking for head louse under the new health & safety guidelines for using head mikes. I’m happy to report that he did not find any.
Did you see the pictures taken of Pluto? I was surprised that when they said on the news that they had received images back from the spacecraft but would not be available straightaway, then realised that the spacecraft was sent up before the digital era and that they would have sent up a film camera and they were waiting for the prints to come back from the chemists. Luckily there were no naked aliens walking about or the head of NASA would have had to explain himself to the authorities.  

My pictures from Pluto ready yet?