Now we have the titles of images to a more manageable size, apart for the odd exception (thank you Eric).  Perhaps we should have speakers with shorter titles for their lectures. We have got some good one’s coming up that have only got one or two word titles.
It was good of Bernie’s love child to give us a talk this week. Although when he said he was projecting himself I thought he meant that he was showing us a picture of himself, He has certainly grown since since the selfie of himself with the ice cream cone. Although he has lost some hair.
It was interesting to see how styles have changed over the years both in photography and fashion. How I miss the heyday of the local paper, and the pictures of giant bunnies and the hairstyles of the 70’s & 80’s. But I guess the lack of hair means I can’t grow a “Mullet” anymore.

Seagull nicks holiday maker’s chips