Well done to the markers this month, with no Highly Commended it makes things so much easier for myself and Dave. The tickets get written out quicker and it makes it easier for Dave to sort out into order. Especially as the titles are getting shorter.
I was disappointed that my prints did not get the high marks that they obviously deserved. This was not the fault of the judges, So I have devised a system that can help improve my scores. In future when I ask the scorers to re mark a print could you please give that particular print an extra couple of points. If you have already given it 20 (I live in hope) do not change the mark, as people might get suspicious if I call out 59 and one 22. Although one gave a score of 46 this month.
I have still to work out how to get more marks in the digital image competitions, I guess I will have to get some instruction on how to hack computers. I suppose the good old brown envelope will have to do when we have outside judges.