Sadly Dick’s usual glamorous assistant was not with us on Tuesday, probably had a hard day at work and did not have time to get her usual glamorous self. Kevin however, did a sterling job as his assistant and looking glamorous he probably does not take so long.
It was interesting to see a new slant on the titles this week, one with a Yorkshire accent “Across T’e Field”. Although Andy’s title was apt “Now I’m In Trouble” as I had to report his cat picture to the RSPCA and he will now be in trouble. I particularly liked the tongue tying title “Sitting Stag” try saying that without your teeth in, I did and I’m now siting on the naughty step.
It was worrying to see good images from the Safari and the Outings if this were shots that weren’t considered good enough to save until the Outings Comp. then what have they got that is?
It was good to see Gordon entering internal competitions again, although he could have had the good grace not to win. At least he will stop using the Reg Mellis pseudonym. A great image of the Pelican Gordon, how did you manage to get the Goldfish and the bowl in it’s mouth?
I see that Dave is teaching Gordon the tick tac used by himself and Dick. Although to me it looked like he was telling Gordon to hang himself. 
  Try hanging that on a gate, Andy