I always knew that the members of Upminster camera Club were quicker on the uptake than other photographers but to fit in a four day course in two hours was quite something. I’m sure we all kept up.  
I had come prepared, I left my camera at home and brought my ball hammer and tools and my dented car just in case we did some practical work. and to save on my car insurance, even though the lamp post stepped out in front of me. 
I was hopeful when I saw the images on the screen before the evening started I was soon disappointed, with all the talk of book-ends and flow I soon became a bit confused. A bit like Bob Hope in “Son of Paleface”. If he leans to the left, draw to the right, if he draws to the right then lean to the left until he is completely confused.   
His tip about hanging your prints to the back of the loo door is one I have been using for several years now, this probably explains the piles. Still if you do decide that you do not like a particular print you can always put the paper to a more practical use. Especially if it is crap. A word of caution however, do not use if it is on glossy paper, as it can slip.
Loved the mounting of the prints, not sure if black glossy mounts will catch on though, especially with the red border. Perhaps Colin could ask our supplier if he can help. If we all used them it would confuse visiting judges. How can they mark down or give different comments about the mounts if we all used the same? 

Practicing my panel beating skills