Another evening of interesting images well handled by our judge. She even managed to out pun Dennis.
Pairs seemed to be the order of the day. With our judge being mesmerised by the 16 pair of  Pears. At one point I thought she was hallucinating. I don’t know what pain killers she was taking but I would like some. Then there was the other “pair” now the author might have his “knockers” ( I don’t mean man boobs) for thinking out of the box, but I think it was the most commented picture of the evening. 
Apart from Eric’s History shot, how did he know 62 years ago (considering the camera club wasn’t formed) that a Theme in a Hat competition would be part of the programme let alone as subject titled History would be part of it. 
Talk of thinking out of the box. I could not work out the connection between the couple getting married and happiness? Still I suppose you can’t be happy all your life. Or how does that joke go? My wife and I were perfectly happy for twenty years. Then we met. 
My favourite image of the evening was Hidden. well done to Stephen for getting a person peering through the leaves. I would have just taken a picture of some foliage and said there is someone hiding in there, just prove there isn’t. 

Eric & Heather 2015 Style