The evening started strangely with our guest revealing that he chose photography over his wife. I thought that this was a shortsighted view. You can buy ready meals that you can put in the microwave, you can eat out of the container so there is no washing up. why make your bed? you are only get back into it in a few hours. So why short sighted? Who is going to carry his camera equipment and set up his tripod? 
The first photoshop trick he showed us was to add mist to his images to improve them. I have scoured through my images to see how I could use this new found “trick”. I have decided that they could nearly all do with a bit of help. However, rather than a hint of mist, my pictures could with a large blanket of fog.
His second tip was to how to change a photo to look like a sketch. I think that the model had a say in this. After looking at the original she insisted that he did something to hide her grey roots.
Sadly he did not have time to complete his final task. So straight after tea w traveled to Venice and the festival. Our speaker thought he had struck lucky when he found a model with long gold lame` legs and thought here is a woman that can carry a camera bag around all day with out getting tired. Oh well the best laid plans etc.
More Work Needed