Not only a great photographer, but a latter day Percy Edwards, not for him the usual boring British birds, but exotic species, I say species, at present he has one. Still he seems to be doing o/k with his day job so no need to worry too much about extending his repertoire.
I must say I was almost tempted to become a professional photographer when he mentioned that he had two homes. One was 1.8 metres square. I thought that could be worth a few million if it is London, sadly he meant his hide. The advantage of that is you do not need planning permission or pay rates or is community charge nowadays?
He uses an interesting phrase when describing series of photos showing Foxes, Hares etc. As”working with them” I always thought that you should not work with animals and children. Or was that in films? However, what ever he does it is certainly effective. A bit different from working with humans. Just hold your tail up for me, that’s it, one more.
I guess it helps if your models get on