It was such a shame that for a large membership we did not get a very big entry. After all apart from landscapes every other type of photography is at least a metre or closer from it’s subject, well o/k apart from landscapes and sports, every other type of photography is a metre or closer, well o/k apart from those and architecture and portraiture (if you were within a metre of your subject they might protest that you were invading their space), and most natural history. Although Colin did get a metre away from the snake although he told me that the first few frames suffered from camera shake as he was worried that the snake would strike. So no excuses, still life is fairly simple all you do is throw a few related objects together and photograph them.

Our judge, ( who is used to marking out of 10) made good use of the wide range of marks he was allowed to give. If you received an average mark of 13 well done. I thought it was a refreshing change as over the years in set subject competitions the judge giving a stream of 16 & 17,s as they had already decided their winning images.

I thought he did a brilliant job, although I was not sure if I should have offered him the chance of giving my print a highly commended, but I thought why not ab

use your position.

My thanks to Sylvia for advising me on spelling, I rely on her because as she once told me she is very good friends with 25 letters of the alphabet, but she does not know Y.

Metre or less? good use of wide angle lens.