Phew, no more sleepless nights for another year, wondering if y have got to find somewhere to go on the Safari.
Congratulations to John & Eric on winning the Safari, to John Snowden for the best image and Colin for winning the rear of the year again.
Our team started of  o/k with a couple of 9’s but I managed to steady the ship with a 5 and a 6. Though we did manage to get a 10. The ideal scenario is to come a close second and have the best image.
Over the years the myth has grown that you do not want to win as you have to organise the following years safari. It suddenly dawned on me that the people that have won it recently have come close to or have won it again. John and Eric for instance did not want to do it a few years ago,now they have won it twice recently and are happy to organise it again.
Why? because it gets you out of doing the chores around the house. “Are we going to decorate the lounge this weekend?” 
“No sorry, we have got to go out and organise next years Safari, won’t be able to do it until after next November”. 
So next year I’m going all out for it, just don’t tell the wife.
I don’t know how Sylvia could cast aspersions that people would put a dodgy image in so that would lose the competition. Or that they did not have a domestic over the scoring.
Well done and thanks to Dave for the presentation of the images and especially for the announcements of the winners, taking the mickey out of  The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Where they say the winner is, the music starts, you have time to walk to the pub, have a pint, a game of darts, walk home and get back just in time to announce the winner.
We will have another great day out next year where ever we go and what ever pictures we have to take.
Remember winning is a good way to get out of those little jobs around the house.

Doing the gardening? No I have got a Safari to organise