I’m glad that Gordon has not won our annual safari and had to organise the following year. You will need more than a packed lunch and your camera gear. It will be bring your passport, camouflage gear and this year we will be meeting at Heathrow Airport. This could lead to a rush of people volunteering to organise it that year.

Thankfully we did not have to travel to the far corners of the earth to enjoy some stunning wildlife pictures. We could sit in the relative comfort of  plastic chairs, far better than sitting in on an aeroplane for several hours. Perhaps we could do that, if you fancied getting a picture of  a big cat in the wild get Gordon to go so he can put up with all the hardship of a different culture and diet, sit for hours at a time so he can get the perfect picture for you. Oh sorry that’s not allowed is it?

I did consider taking wildlife pictures, I tried poking a stick at the dog to make him wild but he just gave me this look of utter contempt and went in his kennel, I tried winding up next doors cat, he just came back during the night and crapped in my vegetable patch. I still have no luck with the Puffins, just as well as Gordon informed us they don’t do well over here.

Thanks to Gordon for a brilliant evening, I’m looking forward to pictures of the Lesser Spotted Goth and impressionist take of classic paintings.

“The Hunt” as soon as he leaves that I’m going to grab it.