You can forget about all about our other competitions. The Annual Print, Best Digital Image, the Clubman of The Year. This one has a proper prize, no tin cups or shields, but sweets from your childhood. So popular is the prize that the chairman’s vote of thanks to the judge is drowned out by the winners sharing the spoils, I got Jelly Babies, which I shared the next day with Janet, or I would have done if she had not had to go to work.
At least this year we had some proper rules. This enabled the losers from last year and the far superior photographers to show the others how it should be done and won it convincingly. That or we had a more varied choice of images.
There was some concern when the picture of the legs was put up. The judge had to calm himself down with a glass of cold water, Eric was worried as he noticed that the water in the glass started to steam and then simmer.
The picture of the stumps predictably produced some witticisms. Like that stumped the judge and as Reg said someone was thinking outside the box.