A new year and a new monthly print competition. Which means the chairman has to appeal to our better nature and get someone to talk about the prints and for six people to mark them. Some agree more willingly than others. We are blessed that those who critique the images are all very good, each has their own style, but the result is the same with good advice on how to improve our pictures.
January’s talkers are perhaps our two most laid back. John can always find something good and encouraging to say about any image. If you were to put up a sheet of photographic paper and he would say “I like the use of negative space, could it be improved with a point of interest? I don’t know. I like the choice of paper I think gloss works better than lustre would”.
Peter always keeps it light-hearted he would try to convince you that lustre would be better and that he has got some spare (about two hundred sheets) that he could let you have for a reasonable price. 
Such is his enthusiasm about talking about the images, I wish he would allow me to call out the score before he starts talking.
Next week is monthly digital, and time for two other speakers to give us their pearls of wisdom.