Well done to Andy for organising so many interesting and varied outings last year. It is a shame that he only told four members about them. Congratulations to Alf, Mandy,Colin and Dave for their successes. Andy told me afterwards that this year he will compile a list of outings and keep them to himself, to give himself a good chance of winning, although I think for a small fee he will pass it on. 
I would like to be a fly on the wall of the Deer household this week, I don’t like to stir things but, Mandy tells me that her side of the sideboard is creaking under the weight of trophies compared to Stephen’s. I guess hailing a taxi will be easier this week.
I have had an idea for making print nights more interesting. Judge’s Bingo. Everyone has a sheet of paper with typical comments, like Marmite Picture, Clone That Out, Too Big in The Frame, Crop It, Letter Box etc.  The person who crosses the most out wins.
My favourite picture of the evening was the candle picture, shame there was five instead of four, then we could have said there not fork handles (apologises to the two Ronnies)

Too Big in the frame (BINGO)