When Dick brought his one man show to the provinces

The first print that Dick showed was of  a member of the cat family he tried to convince us that he was the first wildlife photographer in the club and that the image was of a Scottish Wild Cat that he had been stalking for several days. The only thing wild about it was that he took it’s photo without asking.
We saw several more pieces of art then he bought out his most famous piece so far the famous the dragster. (no wonder we had security guards at the club this week.) there were ever only two of these made and one seems to have been stolen and sold abroad. The reason there were no more made was that the police raided his yard and advised him not to do anymore “cut and shut”.
After this Dick entered his posterization phase, again only a few produced to keep the value up. When we first saw these at the club we wondered is this some new progressive art movement or that Dick had been on the Waccy Bacca. As he did not smoke or agrre with taking of the latter it must have been the former.
The final part of the first half of the evening was a selection of panels, these might have been inspired by his day job. I’m sure his clients would have been happy for his prints on their walls, although I’m not sure how impressed we would have been to see Pine and Oak paneling entered in club competitions.
As usual with this type of Art event Champagne and canapes were served, o/k it was tea, coffee and biscuits, if Sylvia was there it would have been. You were truly missed Sylvia get well soon.
However, Sylvia’s absence was soon made up with her doing the voice over on one of Dick’s AV’s which was the theme of the post tea session. We heard several members doing the voice overs on subsequent AVs. The final Av of the evening showed the credits and who had contributed to it’s making. Speaking to George afterwards he confirmed that his agent. on hearing how poorly paid Peter was for doing a voice over for Dick, had insisted that George was credited, this allegedly
has led to lucrative offers for work.
Peter’s meagre wages for doing a voice over for Dick