The evening started with an announcement that some of the videos were unaccounted for, they all appear to be natural history videos, my guess is that Gordon and Reg are responsible for this, as they do not want the rest of us to pick up any useful tips and information we may get from the videos.
Something else also went missing, my black and white picture of the Clematis, who ever it was thought they had got a masterpiece. I did get an anonymous call from someone demanding £20 for it’s safe return. After a lot of intense negotiation I sent them £50 and a box of matches.
Our judge for the evening was another in a long line of would be performers, he said he was doing an imitation of another judge, lucky the other judge was male, although we have not had a female impersonator yet,so that could be interesting.
After an interesting and entertaining evening in which an another judge thought he could get a better deal trading in his wife for a few Goats,we came to the winning print.
Congratulations to Stephen for producing the winning print, he always sends both his and Mandy’s titles in, it seems strange that he always enters the maximum he is allowed while Mandy only has one print, and she tells me it is not the one she wanted to enter. She tells me that her side of the side board is now looking bare and requires dusting where the trophies used to be and Stephens side is now begging to look cluttered.

Not worth the paper it was printed on