As we have come to expect of our judge he was precise, informative and entertaining with his comments, a pity that he was not a mind reader and I apologise for not telling him of our scoring requirements.
Rather than the would be actor/performers we have had over the last couple of years our judge was more school master. Throwing the virtual blackboard rubber at the dozing Bramham senior to ask him the sex of King Vulture, he was saved by Mellis minor who woke him up and told him it was male. 
I’m not sure what subject he would teach certainly not anatomy when he refers to ladies dangly bits, there again I would not employ him in a jewelers. or as a cosmetic surgeon I can’t image ladies having much faith in someone who does dangly bit enhancement.
Perhaps he could teach geography, always take warm clothes when you visit Iceland. I wonder if people in Iceland ever wear shorts?
As usual the choosing of the winning prints is the most exciting part of the evening as he sorted them into order he looked down to the bottom left hand side of the board and looked like he was pointing to The Hall has just been decorated sign and was going to say this one tells a story and I like pictures that tell a story.

Always wear warm clothes, it is a freezer shop