I especially liked our judge the one time seagull trainer and I especially liked that number 42 was the magic number, which when you think about it, it is approximately two and half 17’s.
I’m especially liking that 17 is now my favourite number I’m not sure why as it is not a number that I have heard very often lately, it could be interesting in future club judged competitions with 51 being the score of choice.  

What I especially liked was that after the break with time running out the scores seemed to be going down to 16 as to whether it is a lower number and therefore quicker to say, or if it has one less syllable and quicker to say, has it got one less syllable? Not sure I will have to ask Sylvia.

The one picture that I was especially liking was the baby laying on the parents arm, the judge likened it to a Leopard lying on a branch of a tree, at that age I don’t think it would have been able to bite you, however, it would probably give you a nasty suck.

Especially liking that the rules have been broken here 49 Trees Not divisible by 17