The evening started with our chairman going missing. First I thought that he had seen the standard of the entries and thought I have got better than that at home and rushed off to get them. Then I thought perhaps he had read the write up of Uluru/Ayers Rock (circa 6 Nov. 2002) and thought I must go there NOW. Then got to the airport and realised that he did not have his passport. The truth, however, was that he forgot to bring back the trophy. I suppose that is forgivable considering the number he has won over the years he was bound to forget which trophy he has won and when. Besides he is not a young man any more. He still however, found time to give the trophy a polish. If you do need any trophies polishing then Brian Clark is your man. 
We had a good number of entries, a pity that some of the pictures had been flipped some were more obvious than others. Luckily The Museum of London images were not flipped as we would have had
Nodnol fo Muesum Eht. Still I hope that those of you who expressed a desire to have Mandy’s panel on their wall will be bringing their deposits for their orders as I know Mandy has been busy printing this week. I have never seen anyone count a number of hands in the air so quickly as she did on Tuesday.