A day when we were promised to photograph St Alban live, only to be disappointed to find that ha had died 1,700 years ago. I know these things take a long time to arrange, but surely a quick text a few days before to he if he was still available.
However, we all made our way to the cathedral as the day had a religious theme. Seeing the Light, Cathedral, Trading (money lenders thrown out of the temple) and taking a break. I took a picture of Robert Runcie’s grave thinking “RESTING” in peace.  Then realised that the subject was taking a break, indicating that he would be carrying on after he had rested. So unless he believed in reincarnation he was resting.
We had two couples that decided on different tactics for the day, with Mandy and Stephen going their separate ways so they did not taking the same pictures, while Sarah and Jeff went around together, we know now which method works, so well done to Sarah better luck next time Jeff, don’t give up the day job. Oh it is the day job? Never mind don’t give up. I did notice that you let Sarah get on with the serious side of the day whilst you were more laid back talking to the locals and making a fuss of their dogs.
It was interesting that to most of us Taking A Break was people sitting/standing, reading/eating. Colin thinking out of the box tried knocking over an old lady with his camera bag, with the intention of breaking her leg, so that when the ambulance men carried her away it would be Taking A Break (to the Hospital).
Why did the man in Jeff’s take on the theme ring Alf’s wife as soon as his image appeared on screen. She soon turned it off, although I think questions need to be asked in the Ellis household about this “stranger”
When the images were shown it was soon clear that some people had better in camera control of their images than others, especially verticals, some people even managed to get theirs horizontal.
This did introduce a new skill to the club, Synchronized Neck Bending. Well done to those on the front row who got it right straight away, the row I was sitting on got it terribly wrong, well I got it wrong, everyone else went to the left while I went right, resulting in Colin needing twelve stitches and getting concussion. I have asked Sylvia if we can include training for it at our next practical evening. 
My favourite picture of the day was Andy’s Taking A Break, original thinking compared to the rest of us, I think it should have got at least 20 and a half. I believe that there was some photographic jealousy from the judge as he had not thought of it himself therefore marked it down.