Our first stop was north of the border, in that far off land that begins with S, where the natives speak with a funny accent, yes it was Suffolk.
The plan was to take a picture of a policeman’s house. It seemed a long way to go to do that as he was only a constable, we have got an Detective Sargent living round the corner I could have taken a picture of his place, although he has not got a river running through his garden.
Then when we got there we were told it was not even a policeman’s house but a mate of his although with a name like Willy Lott he sounds a bit like a villain to me. 
It was at Flatford Mill that I nearly got my picture of a club member inaction, then I re-read the instructions at it was a member in action. Sorry Alf but laying in a comatose position on the side of the river with a camera in your hand is not action.
We were then back to civilisation Essex Mistley to be precise. Where we were invited to get down and get dirty with the animals. Jeff took this literally and decided to lay down with the chickens, having seen the amount of Geese mess and pretty sure he must have got dirty and quite smelly too, it must have been fun travelling with him on the way home, luckily the car heater was not needed.

On to the coast and a paddle and Candy Floss at Brightlingsea. Getting a typical seaside scene was not easy as no one would tie a hankie on their head roll their trousers up and go for a paddle, even Andy could not be bribed with the usual method of a promise of a kit-Kat.

Our final stop was Beth Chatto’s where the only colourful thing was the language, when someone got in the way of a photo opportunity.

Many thanks to John & Eric for an enjoyable day, who must have spent as much time organising the day as they did cloning themselves. As everywhere I went one of them seemed to be there.