A week in which we discovered that we do not have a very good head for figures. Unfortunately none to our advantage.
It started with Dave’s email about the cost of the Christmas dinner which would have meant him being out of pocket to subsidises the shortfall. 
It was my turn next, when updating the points for the print competition. Thanks to Dick for pointing out that whilst I was trying to publish the figures I had swapped my points total with Andy Taylor’s, normally this would not have been a problem (for me). However, this year Andy has not got fewer points than myself so I had fiddled myself.
The next was Mandy and the two twenties. Easy mistake to make, personally I think that she thought they were marking one of her prints, this is one of the perks of the job, you can always state that there were two twenties given as one of the judges will think that the other two have given maximum marks. However, like the referendum you cannot have another vote if you do not like the result.
The last number cock up was down to good old technical problems, my mother in law always used to say never trust anything that runs off a three pin plug.
After the usual good old fashion methods of poking the key pad with a good old prod, bashing the computer screen and turning the computer off and then on. I think it was at this point that Brian showed us that not only that he is a good photographer but a great magician. As after all the technical stuff was completed his key board was working but Bob’s was not, he obviously swapped them over during all the confusion, remarkable as Bob had his in his hand all the time.
My favourite image of the evening was a “A Deer Called Steve” very creative image and title, and ironic as Stephen was commenting on the prints he did say that he did not have different coloured eyes but did not mention if he had antlers or not I always wondered why he always back combed his hair.
I have thought of a way to spice up the announcing of the scores by introducing a bingo type call, for instance “three steps from heaven” 57, “these pixels are fine” 59.